Government campaign EUkraina

Implementation of the emergency assistance system on a single telephone number 112 is European integration

Implementation of joint measures to control arms circulation and prevent its leakage outside Ukraine is European integration

Digitalization and optimization of the service services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is European integration

Effective crime detection through cooperation with EU law enforcement agencies is European integration

Promoting the development of barrier-free space is respect for human dignity

Creating a safe educational space in schools is European integration

Consolidation of efforts in overcoming the consequences of emergencies is European integration

Cooperation with international partners in the investigation of war crimes is European integration!

Ukraine's path to a European future is freedom

The government campaign EUkraina talks about 6 basic European values, reveals the practical content of European integration and the advantages and opportunities that appear in the lives of Ukrainians due to the integration of our country into the EU. The EUkraina campaign is supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine.

A safe environment for every Ukrainian is European integration!

Registration of Ukrainian documents in EU countries is freedom!