1. Results of the analysis of regulations and disciplinary statutes of the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the inclusion in them of provisions on the prevention and counteraction of cases of discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual harassment in the workplace.

2. Understanding masculinity and gender equality in the security sector of Ukraine.

3. Results of the analysis of infrastructure conditions, and material and technical support of civil servants, servicemen, police officers and members of the civil protection service of both sexes, taking into account the principle of equal rights and opportunities of women and men.

4. Results of gender assessment of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

5. Results of the questionnaire of the personnel of the National Guard of Ukraine and the National Police on issues of participation in international operations to maintain peace and security.

6. Ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men in the public sector of Ukraine.

7. Advisor for Gender Counselors and Counselors