Specialist in safety in the educational environment

Project “Specialist in Security in the Educational Environment”

The project “Specialist on Security in the Educational Environment” is implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine together with the National Police of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine with the participation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Educational Ombudsman in partnership with the All-Ukrainian Association of United Territorial Cities of Communities, Association Ukraine, the NGO “Safe Educational Space” and with the support of UNICEF Ukraine.

The project aims to increase the level of safety in the educational environment, including the prevention, early detection, cessation and elimination of negative phenomena and their harmful effects on the safety of students, through the introduction and organization of activities in general secondary education institutions and institutions of professional (vocational and technical) education of a specialist in safety in the educational environment.

Specialist for safety in the educational environment is an official of the executive body of a rural, village, city, regional council, whose knowledge and skills correspond to current security challenges.

The activity of the specialist is aimed at creating and maintaining an adequate level of safety of participants in the educational process on the basis of partnership and in cooperation with police, rescuers, local authorities, educational institutions and other entities.

In the performance of official duties, the security specialist in the educational environment directly interacts with:

village, village, city, regional council;

territorial (separate) bodies of the National Police of Ukraine;

territorial units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine;

managers and other employees of educational institutions;

parental self-government bodies;

public organizations.

A specialist in security in the educational environment can be a citizen of Ukraine who has reached the age of 21, has a higher education (not lower than the bachelor level), is fluent in the state language and has undergone special training (specialized training) on the basis of higher education institutions belonging to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the relevant program.

A person who:

1) recognized by the court as limited capable or incapacitated;

2) has a disease that prevents the performance of duties in the relevant position;

3) has a criminal record outstanding or not withdrawn in accordance with the procedure established by law;

4) was found guilty in accordance with the procedure established by law of committing offences against sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of a person;

5) who has been subject to an administrative penalty for committing an offense related to corruption, domestic violence, bullying or failure to fulfill parental duties.

The executive body of the village, village, city, regional council ensures the working conditions of the security specialist in the educational environment, including in the educational institution to which the authority of such specialist applies.

39 territorial communities from 17 regions of Ukraine have already joined the project.

The selection for participation in the project is carried out in two stages:

selection of territorial communities,

selection of candidates.

To participate in the selection by an authorized representative of the territorial community, fill in the registration form at https://forms.gle/1XDyYA1FtjAkkEb1A.