Visa-free regime

Compliance with the criteria for the functioning of a visa-free regime of entry into the European Union for citizens of Ukraine Since June 11, 2017, a visa-free regime of entry into the EU has been in force for citizens of Ukraine.

You can find the rules of visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine here: and also here

We advise you to carefully check the current requirements for crossing the border on the official websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Migration Service, the State Border Service, in particular, using useful links:

Undoubtedly, the fulfillment of all the necessary criteria of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan and, as a consequence, the introduction of a visa-free regime of entry into the EU for citizens of Ukraine is a success story and the result of a great joint work of all state bodies of Ukraine, including the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, this work continues, as the EU has decided to introduce post-monitoring of the functioning of the visa-free regime within the framework of the suspension mechanism. This tool is absolutely real and very effective. That is why the state bodies of Ukraine (as well as other countries with which the EU has introduced a visa-free entry regime) annually prepare a report on the state of compliance with all the necessary criteria.

According to the results of the assessment by European experts, Ukraine today is not included in the risk zone, since we demonstrate stable progress on all blocks of obligations:
- Our documents are protected according to high international standards. - The border service has all the necessary means to identify the citizen at the checkpoint.
- Proper interaction of the authorities that are part of the High-Level Interdepartmental Working Group on Integrated Border Management. - Ukraine demonstrates high demonstrable performances

Readmission agreements with the EU.
- Implementation of the Integrated Border Management Strategy developed jointly with EU experts continues. - The legislation of Ukraine is as close as possible to the norms of EU law, and its improvement continues to ensure better coordination of migration management and counteract violations of migration legislation.
- DMS is secured annual preparation and publication of the Migration Profile. - In 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also fulfilled one of the tasks necessary to strengthen the fight against organized crime —

developed and approved the Strategy for Combating Organized Crime.