Ukrainian Association of Law Enforcement Representatives

Uk Rain Association of Law Enforcement Representatives (UAPPO) is a non-governmental organization that brings together women and men from different law enforcement agencies.

The main goal of UAPPO is to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and men in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine; support of female leadership; fight against gender stereotypes and discrimination.

The work of the UAPPO is aimed at forming and affirming the image of a woman law enforcement officer as a leader, professional, and specialist in her field.

Greater visibility and involvement of women in law enforcement at all levels contribute to increasing levels of trust and confidence from the population, community and society as a whole. This makes it possible to make the role of women in building sustainable peace and security more visible. We are convinced that awareness of the principles of gender equality among Ukrainian law enforcement officers is extremely important for promoting well-being and security in our country.

The mission of UAPPO is to be a leader in achieving national and global goals of gender equality by strengthening the role and increasing the professionalism of women in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Vision - To create a gender-balanced and gender-sensitive environment in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, which in turn will contribute to ensuring the provision of gender-oriented services in communities.


  • platform for open communication and exchange of experience
  • Building the potential of female leadership
  • implementation of gender equality policy
  • Engaging the best international practices.

Benefits of Participation in the Association

UAPPO operates as a platform for sharing experiences in leadership and career development and offers its members:

  • professional and personal development (trainings, seminars, webinars, classes on tactical and fire training, self-defense)
  • help in finding a balance between work and personal life
  • the opportunity to participate in the development of the mentoring system in law enforcement agencies
  • assistance in providing comprehensive assistance (psychological, legal, etc.)

One of the important functions of UAPPO is to create a network of representatives of law enforcement agencies throughout Ukraine for dialogue and exchange of ideas. We want as many women in law enforcement as possible to develop their leadership qualities and grow professionally.

Membership in UAPPO

Membership in the Association is open to women and men who are representatives of law enforcement agencies and educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


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