Announcement of selection of proposals for the purchase of housing for the needs of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs


Name: Odessa State University of Internal Affairs.

Identification code according to the Taxpayer Identification Code: 08571570.

Location: legal address: 65014, m. Odessa, str. Uspenskaya, 1;

address for correspondence: 65014, m. Odessa, lane. Sabansky, 4.

Customer officials authorized to communicate with participants: Topchiy Yuriy Mykhailovych: (048) 709-50-10, Tanasiichuk Vera Oleksandrivna: (048) 736-50-12, Kuruch Anastasiia Serhiivna (048) 709-60-67.

Manager of funds: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Source of funding: funds of the State Budget of Ukraine.

Budget amount: UAH 5,000,000.00 (five million hryvnias zero cents)

The address of the website on which the customer places purchase information: and

Information about the selection of the offer:

Name of the subject of purchase: purchase of one one-room apartment and two two-room apartments located in the city of Odessa, for official needs and provision of ODUVS employees;

Description of the subject of purchase: two one-bedroom apartments and one one-bedroom apartment.

Period of purchase (delivery) of apartments: until 24.11.2023.

Offer validity: 30 calendar days from the date of disclosure of the offer.

Submission of proposal:

Place: 65014, m. Odessa, lane. Sabansky, 4, building “A” (educational and residential building), 3 front, 1st floor, office № 124b.

Deadline: until 13.11.2023.

Time: 17:00

Offer disclosure: 65014, m. Odessa, lane. Sabansky, 4, building “Y” (educational building), 5th floor, rectorate hall (office No. 504).

Date: 14.11.2023.

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Additional information: Documentation is available on the websites: and

Procurement volumes may be changed taking into account the actual financing of the Customer's expenses.

For information, please call: (048) 736-50-12, (048) 709-50-10, (048) 709-60-67.


Eduard DANYELYAN, Deputy Chairman of the Competition Commission

Sep 27, 2023


Competition Documentation