Announcement № 12 dated 08.10.2020 about the results of the competition

Announcement № 12
on the results of the competition for the purchase of apartments on the terms of equity participation and on the secondary market to provide housing for servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine


1. Customer:

1.1. Name: Main Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine

1.2. Identification code according to the Unified State Tax Code: 08803498.

1.3. Location:

Ukraine, 03151, m. Kyiv, str. Narodnoho Opolchnya, 9-A

1.4. Customer officials authorized to communicate with participants:

Kurlov Andriy Yuriiovych (tlf. 044-249-27-23).

1.5. Chief funds manager: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

2. Source of financing of the competition: funds of the state budget of Ukraine.

3. The address of the website on which the customer places information about the purchase:

4. Information about the subject of the competition is defined in the announcement № 11 of 03.09.2020.

The opening of tender offers took place on 29.09.2020 at 11-00 at the address: 03151, m. Kyiv, str. People's Militia, 9-A.

5. Information about the results of the competition:

5.1. According to lot No. 1, the winner is recognized:

- PP “Consol” (Taxpayer's number 32433715).

5.2. For lots No. 2, 3, 6 — canceled due to the submission for participation in the competition less than two tender proposals.

5.3. According to lot number 4, the winner is recognized:

- LLC “XXI Century-Plus” (Taxpayer's number 30051316)

5.4. According to lot number 5, the winners are recognized:

- FO Korchevskyi Y. I. (on whose behalf Rudyk O. acts. AND.) (INN 2092022837),

- FO Vasylchuk M. M. (INN 2606404684),

- FO Shokhodko N. AND. (PIN 1911907749).

5.5. According to lot number 7, the winners are recognized:

- Financial Construction Holding LLC (Taxpayer's number 39115189),

- LLC “Housing Economy” (Taxpayer's number 32212775),

- LLC “Independent Energy Company” (Taxpayer's number 42707933).

Head of the Competition Commission 08.10.2020