Business Protection Office of Ukraine

What prevents investing in Ukraine today? The answer to the question is quite simple. Corruption, bureaucratization, property insecurity, raiding, inequality of all before the Law are all serious risk factors for business. The

state is interested in minimizing such negative phenomena, protecting both the Ukrainian businessman and the foreign investor and his property. Therefore, effective Business protection is about our present and future, it is the key to strengthening Ukraine's economic potential, and a strong, developed economy is a successful country!

The state should make every effort to minimize the pressure on business and the risks of raider attacks and create adequate and effective protection tools.

That is why today we are launching an additional mechanism of operational protection — we are opening an advisory and advisory body - the Office of Business Protection under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, where each subcontractor an investor and an investor will be able to get the necessary assistance and effectively protect their rights. Our global goal is to create a business environment in Ukraine

as secure and attractive as possible for investors! Both Ukrainian and foreign.

Specific areas of work of the Business Protection Office will be: First, counteraction to raiding.

Every fact of violation of property rights will be treated as an attack on the basic constitutional right of citizens — the right of property!

Secondly, the fight against corruption and abuse in relation to business in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thirdly, the detonization of the tobacco, alcohol and fuel market.

Every year, according to experts, the state withholds tens of billions of hryvnias of taxes from non-payment of excise taxes and other taxes due to illegal trade in fuel, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages. It should not be so!

Fourth, it is assistance to the State Customs Service and other law enforcement agencies in the fight against smuggling. It is because of smuggling, according to experts, that the Ukrainian budget does not receive, according to various estimates, from 100 to 150 billion hryvnias annually. And Ukrainian commodity producers cannot compete with imported goods, on which taxes have not been paid. Fifth, this is the issue of combating counterfeit products, copyright infringement and

counterfeiting of trademarks. Legal producers suffer from massive counterfeiting of their products, which are sold massively over the Internet and in retail chains. One of the striking examples is the counterfeiting of coffee, sweets, alcoholic beverages. Other issues of violation of the rights of entrepreneurs by law enforcement officers

in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the National Police, the State Emergency Service, the State Migration Service will be in the field of vision and response of the Business Protection Office. The head of the Office of Business Protection has appointed an adviser to the Minister Home Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko. Contact numbers of the Office of Business Protection: (099) 396-63-60; (044) 254--90-82

E-mail - [email protected]

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Business and Investment Protection Meeting

On September 29, during a meeting with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada and business, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky named four areas of cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and business in the fight against the illegal market.

Operation “Excise”: The National Police drew up 59 administrative protocols on the movement of non-excise goods

Countering raiding in the Kiev region, counterfeiting documents and illegal land re-registration

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Cooperation