Training of police mobile groups for reacting to domestic violence started in Dnipro (PHOTOS)

04.09.2017 14:20

The training program started today in the Dnipro State University of Internal Affairs.

According to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anastasia Deeva, who was opening the program, the Ukrainian society needs to improve the tools to combat domestic violence. That’s why it`s very important to give professional skills to the police officers for them to know how to detect and respond to cases of domestic violence appropriately.

«Violence in the society starts with the domestic violence. It is proved that if the child was a witness of a domestic violence, there is 90% expectation of him or her to repeat such a model of behavior in the adult life», ‑ said Anastasia Deeva.

According to her, the training program is aimed to respond and counteract the domestic violence, as well as interact with social and psychological services in order to provide maximum protection to the victims.

The opening ceremony was attended by the national project specialist of the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine Tetiana Medun, Senior Gender Advisor (OSCE Secretariat) Amarsanaa Darisuren, Captain CoEPU (National Police of Italy) Vincenso Chiansherini, Gender Advisor to the OSCE Secretariat Leena Avonius and Gender Advisor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Olena Davis.

The project was launched by the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police of Ukraine with the financial support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). 21 officers from police, prosecution, criminal prosecution and patrol police from the cities of Kyiv, Odessa and Severodonetsk were selected for training.

«We would like this project to help women understand that they have future in the police that they can develop in the structure of the National Police of Ukraine», ‑ added the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

Trainings end on September 8th.

Department of Communication of MolA Ukraine

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