Serhii Demediuk: Cyberpolice solved the biggest scheme of the fake medicines’ sale in the Ukraine's history (PHOTOS)

14.09.2017 15:53

The Cyberpolice Department of the National Police of Ukraine together with the investigators of the Podil Metropolitan Police Department, stopped the activities of the criminal group, that was  illegally producing  and distributing strong medicinal products using the Internet. This was announced today, September 14, by the Head of the Department of Cyberpolice of the National Police of Ukraine.

According to him, the criminal group consisted of six members with clearly divided roles.

"There was an IT specialists, who provided the operation and promotion of online stores, through which strong medicines were implemented. In addition, with the help of a specially created call center, the clients could get the consultation on the use of the drugs. Usually buyers were athletes who took medications to maintain their physical shape", - said Sergey Demedyuk.

All the payments were "passed" through payment cards registered on the people who were under the control of the organizers of the criminal scheme.

According to the Head of the Ukrainian Cyberpolice, the geography of drug sales was not limited to the borders of Ukraine. Participants of the criminal group sold them outside the country through the Internet.

"Strong drugs got to the territory of Ukraine by the illegal traffic. Some of them were made directly in the warehouse, rented by the members of the group. Moreover, using Internet, the powerful medicines were also sold abroad, "said the Head of the Department of Cyberpolice.

Police conducted 16 authorized searches at places of accommodation of organizers and accomplices of a criminal scheme. Also conducted searches in the so-called call-center and in the warehouse for storage of drugs prohibited on the territory of Ukraine.
As a result, the police removed the computer equipment, mobile phones, hundreds of sim cards, bank payment cards and more than 70 thousand dollars of cash. There were found drugs, weapons and hundreds of thousands of pills of strong medicinal pills.

Today, September 14, the court selected arrest to one of the participants in a criminal group as a precautionary measure. Police conduct activities aimed at detaining other group members. The investigation into the case continues.


Department of Cyber ​​Police
National Police of Ukraine

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