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Reformation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system is a joint task of the Ministriy and the public (PHOTOS)

12th September 2017, 08:18

This was announced today, September 12, by the Deputy Interior Minister Tetyana Kovalchuk during the presentation of the Development Strategy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Odessa.

"Challenges and threats to our security are boundless, they are urgent for all the humanity. Therefore, in the new Strategy -2020 we have laid out new approaches and principles of work, "said Tetyana Kovalchuk.

The Deputy Minister said that the new document was developed jointly with the representatives of the Ministry, the State Border Guard Service, the National Guard, the National Police, the State Service for

Emergencies, the State Migration Service and Service Centers. Experts from the European Union Consultative Mission were also involved in all stages of the work.

Tetyana Kovalchuk said that the main goals of the new strategy are the security, protection and service for each citizen.

"The goals of the strategy concern every citizen - your safety, your protection, your service. In order to achieve these goals, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be guided by new approaches – society service, accountability and democratic control, involving society in the process of creating the safe environment, modern management practices, information activities, " - the Deputy Minister emphasized.

She noted that during the work on the draft Strategy, seven main priorities were identified which are common for each system body and relevant for the whole society  - safe environment, combating crime, respect for human rights and freedoms by the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, effectively integrated border management and balanced migration policy, quality and accessibility of services, effective governance, transparency and accountability, the development of human resources and the social protection of workers.

"It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Internal Affairs covers not only the power unit. In the new strategy, we have covered the activities of all executive bodies and also took care of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. People who work for the good of the state should also feel protected, "- said Tetyana Kovalchuk.

At the same time, Tetyana Kovalchuk emphasized that building of a safe, legal, European society can only be achieved through fruitful cooperation between the ministry and the public.
"We invite every citizen of Ukraine to discuss the Strategy draft. After all, only by joint efforts we can build a legal and safe state", the Deputy Minister emphasized.
In turn, the EUAM representative, Brian Richard, said that presenting to the public the Strategy draft is a big step forward in reforming the Ministry.

"It is very important that you gave the citizens of your state the opportunity to participate in the discussion of the document and express their comments. I hope that all the wishes will be taken into account, "- said Brian Richard.

After the official presentation of the Draft Strategy -2020, representatives of the State Border Guard Service, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Migration Service and community activists from Odessa and other regions joined the discussion of the strategy. It is worth noting that the working groups for the discussion will work during the day to leave their wishes and remarks.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine