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National Guard units are ready for the joint actions with the UN peacekeeping mission (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

13th September 2017, 16:40

This was stated today, September 13, during the visit of First Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Yarovoy and Commander of the National Guard Yuriy Allerov to the special unit of the National Guard of Ukraine "Azov".

"At present, the units of the National Guard and the National Police have many challenges. Therefore, we establish an interaction between all the power units for the safety of our citizens in the ATO zone. We have focused our efforts on our state protection, "said Sergey Yarovy.

According to Yuriy Allerov, to counteract existing challenges, the National Guard is ready to activate additional units.

"For the safety of citizens we will activate the additional units of the National Guard of Ukraine. And if the UN peacekeeping mission works in the area of ​​the anti-terrorist operation, our units are ready for joint actions and will promote all measures, "he added.

During his visit to Azov, the first Deputy Minister expressed satisfaction with the staff of the unit.
"I am pleased with the desire to create the proper conditions for the Azov regiment to work. But the most I am satisfied with the personnel, because I see a desire to fulfill their duty - to defend the state ", Sergey Yarovyy emphasized.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine