Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to launch SOCTA analytical program for combating criminal offenses (PHOTOS)

26.10.2017 11:19

This was stated today, October 26, at the meeting of Deputy Interior Minister Tetyana Kovalchuk with representatives of the European Union Consultative Mission and Agriteam.

"Reforming the criminal bloc is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Modern criminality is not a problem of one country. Therefore, we need to find a common preventive tool based on criminal analytics that will enable us to overcome modern challenges and threats," - said Tetyana Kovalchuk.
The Deputy Minister stressed that Ukraine should implement an international agreement on cooperation with Interpol.

"Ukraine is an integral part of the whole euro - community, so we have to contribute to the security of this system and work on the single euro - standards and norms. Therefore, the introduction of a single SOCTA analytical program will enable the use of a unified system for assessing transnational organized crime threats," - said Tetyana Kovalchuk.
Paulius Klikunas, a spokeswoman for the EU Consultative Mission in Ukraine, said that society is in high demand for change, and the launch of the SOCTA program will make it possible to respond to the requests of Ukrainians.

"Our plan is the work of the SOCTA platform, which will enable you to constantly interact in the fight against organized crime," - said Paulius Klikunas.

An Analytical Program for Assessing the Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA) is a product of systematic analysis of criminal law enforcement information and threat groups for the EU to help managers identify priorities in the. threats of organized crime.

Department of Communications of MoIA

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