In Dnipropetrovsk region, the renewed service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were presented (PHOTOS)

05.09.2017 12:37

Three service centers of the MoIA started their work at the same time in the Dnipropetrovsk region ‑ in Dnipro (now there are two in the city), in Kryviy Rih and in the urban-type settlement Kurylivka.

The official presentation of modern service centers was held in Kryvyi Rih. Here the MoIA service center is located on the territory of the METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine shopping center.

«This public-private partnership is a unique project of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which allows you to save public money and creates more comfortable conditions for clients. In here the citizens will be served by 10 front- office employees who will be able to provide more than 150 services a day» ‑ said First Deputy Chief of MoIA service center Sergii Goncharov.

Here are the services that now are available for the citizens of Kryviy Rih: the electronic turn, the service quality evaluation tablet, bright center territory, built on the open space principle. While waiting for the service, customers are welcome to use free Wi-Fi, read a book from the BookCrossing shelf, and play with their children in the equipped children's corner. The parking places are also available.

Service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provide such services as registration and re-registration of vehicles, issuance of driving license, issuance of certificate of no criminal record. Citizens can also take a driver's license exam in three new service centers of the MoIA in the Dnipropetrovs'k region. Starting from July 1, 2017 Ukrainians pass the theoretical part of the exam on new tests: the questions are actualized according to the current situation on the roads, they have no logical inconsistencies and controversial answers. The knowledge of the driving regulations can be checked free of charge online at the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

For consultations on services of Service Centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs you can call by the number (044) -290-19-88, or use the official Facebook page.

Press service of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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