Fighting human trafficking – one of the priorities in MIA work (PHOTOS)

20.11.2016 08:11

Deputy of Minister of the interior of Ukraine Anastasia Deeva said it during the meeting with deputy head of Office of monitoring and fighting human trafficking of State Department of USA Carrie Johnson.

According to the annual report of State Department of USA, Ukraine was included to the second group (control sheet) of countries. Preparation of the next report and evaluation of fighting human trafficking has already begun: Carrie Johnson visited Ukraine with her colleagues to monitor the process of recommendations’ realization.

The level of cooperation and reformation, implemented by MIA, was highly valuated during the meeting. Anastasia Deeva underlined that counteraction human trafficking is one of the most important priorities of MIA both in the short-term and long-term planning of security strengthening in Ukraine and people’s defense.

Sides discussed the increasing of the effectiveness of disclosures of those who take actions in a human trade or assist this crime, as well as questions of protecting the rights of victims of such crimes. The improvement of mechanisms of interaction of law-enforcement bodies with other governmental bodies to counteract the human trade was also discussed. 

As Anastasia Deeva said, only by mutual efforts of all the subjects that are counteracting human trafficking we can achieve a progress in the disclosure of such crimes, their investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice. «Currently we are analyzing approved programs and plans to evaluate their realization and develop the strategy for the next year, - Deputy of Minister of the interior of Ukraine said to the American colleges. – Human trafficking is a very complex problem, which does not have simple decisions. By mutual efforts and with the help of our international partners including the USA, we have already achieved the trust. We must strengthen this trust».

We will present the first results of the process of fighting human trafficking in March 2017. Therefore, it is very important for us to see the changes in this sphere. We are glad to certify that there is a progress in Ukraine. We hope that in the nearest future we will see more changes», - deputy head of Office of monitoring and fighting human trafficking of State Department Carrie Johnson said.

Communication Department of MIA Ukraine

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