The procedure of consultative competition for the position of the Head of the National Police of Ukraine (NPU)

13.01.2017 13:57

The purpose of the competition is to identify the most suitable persons for their professional peculiarities, skills and qualities, politically unbiased persons of good reputation that meet the formal requirements for a candidate to the Head of the NPU (hereinafter - the "applicants").

The selection of candidates will be conducted by the temporary advisory (consultative) body - Advisory selection committee (hereinafter - the "Committee"), the creation of which is not foreseen by the law, and is initiative of the Minister of Internal affairs of Ukraine. The Committee consists of independent international and national experts (in total - six representatives):

- Michael Lyngbo - independent expert on the rule of law, the political and transitional justice issues, who at different times worked in the missions of the Council of Europe, European Union, European Commission and other international organizations. For a long time was an expert of the Danish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. A lawyer with extensive experience (36 years) in the Prosecution office of Denmark, as the police commissioner, in the Supreme Court of Greenland, was deputy chief of the Danish National Security Service;

- John Montanio - Senior law-enforcement advisor in ICITAP Program Office in Ukraine. He has a 32- years of experience in law-enforcement agencies in the US, started his work as a patrol officer and then became the head of police of Culver city (California, USA). He has experience in the prosecution and interagency working groups. Since 2003 works as a Programme advisor of ICITAP. For this period he advised to the law-enforcement agencies in Libya, Thailand, Indonesia and Ukraine on the question of Professional Preparation, leadership, interagency cooperation and coordination.

- Joseph McAllister - consultant of assistance program of the Government of Canada in training police (PTAP). Retired veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted police (34 years of service), worked at local and international levels in the different areas of law enforcement sector, in particular investigation of murder and combating terrorism;

- Yevhen Zakharov - founder of the Ukrainian Helsinki Committee on Human Rights, director of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group,

- Roman Romanov - Director of programme initiative "Human Rights and Justice" International Renaissance foundation;

- Vitaly Portnikov - journalist and publicist.

The Committee is not associated with the work of police commissions under the law.

For the Minister of the Interior at determining the most suitable candidate for the position of head of the National police Ukraine and formation of proposals to the Prime Minister of Ukraine decision of the Committee is advisory. But whereas something a competition held exclusively due to the initiative of leadership of the Government - the committee's findings will be laying the basis for making decisions.

The selection process will consist of the following stages:

I Stage. Studying of the documents submitted by applicants against the basic requirements of the competition:

• Higher full legal education;

• experience in law at least seven years;

• experience in senior positions at least five years.

II Stage. Applicants that meet the basic requirements of the competition, are tested.

III Stage. After reviewing the CVs, cover letters and test results, the Committee by voting invites the candidates for an interview.

IV Stage. Conducting interviews.

V Stage. Applicants who have successfully passed the preliminary stage, no later than three days after the results of Stage IV competitive selection must provide a full set of documents stipulated in part 1 of article 54 of the Law of Ukraine on "The national police" (see. The link https: //

On the result of the five stages of the competition the Committee by voting determines no more than three final candidates.

In case of dispute, the Committee may propose candidates an additional testing.

Final list of candidates should be generated and submitted to the Minister of the Interior as soon as possible but no later than February 15, 2017.

The first phase of the competition starts on January 18th, 2017.

The results of each phase will be announced at the official web-page of MIA of Ukraine.

Please note that persons who have not passed the preliminary stage of the competition - are not allowed for further participation in the competition. To the next stages of the competition at the discretion of the Committee will be invited only selected candidates based on the results of studying the submitted documents.

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