Information Attacks on the MIA and National Police are Connected with Our Position to Hold These Elections Without Bribes and Falsifications, - Arsen Avakov

11.02.2019 21:31

This was announced today, on February 11, by the Minister of the MIA Arsen Avakov during the broadcast of the "Freedom of Speech" program on ICTV channel.

"There are information attacks on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Minister, the Police, the Head of the National Police. I associate it with the fact that we have taken a principled stand to hold these elections without falsifications and bribery. Maybe someone has expected another, but we took a clear position, regardless the provocations or pressure level that may be put on me personally or the Police, or the MIA as the voting date approaches. The issues of the election disruption through such actions, such risks, I would say, that it can be considered at the level of treason against the State. Because, this is a risk and a threat to our independence. And I, as a citizen, and as a Minister, will do everything to defend our independence," - Arsen Avakov said.

The Head of the MIA added that none of the candidates will receive any preference from the MIA. "We will be strict to all the same. We will not allow bribes and will clearly hold this position," - Arsen Avakov emphasized.

"We have enough strength in order to withstand this informational attack and the attack by discreditation. Whatever was in here, we will keep the situation under control," - Arsen Avakov added.

Also, the Minister of Internal Affairs noted that the maximum number of law enforcement officers will be involved on election day to protect public order and election documentation.

"Regarding the to possible attempts to break into an electoral district in masks or to attack election documentation - here we will hold a hardline position, lawful. The number of police officers will also be increased on the streets. Almost all personnel will be involved in the election process. The location of our forces all over the country will enable us to respond in adequate manner everywhere”, Arsen Avakov said.

Communications Department of the MIA of Ukraine

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