Arsen Avakov: the MIA reform continues - some categories of adult citizens will now receive ID cards instead of paper passports (PHOTO, VIDEO)

03.11.2016 14:52

On November 3, 2016, the Minister of Internal Affairs announced that since this November the offices of the State Migration Service (SMS) would accept applications for issuing a Ukrainian internal passport in the form of ID-card not only from those who reach their 16th birthday, but also from adults. Totally in Ukraine was issued more than 190 thousand of the new ID-cards.

The certain categories of adult Ukrainians will be able now to change the paper booklet-like passports to the ID card:

- Those who celebrate 25 and 45 years can receive ID card instead of pasting a new photo in the old passport;

- Those who have officially changed their surname (due to marriage, divorce, and other reasons for the change of surname);

- Those who need a new passport because of the theft, loss or damage.

For persons under 18 years old the new plastic ID-card will be valid for 4 years, and for persons who have reached 18 years of age - for 10 years. 


According to the new Law of Ukraine, the citizens who turn 14 years old will receive IDs. This is in line with the practice in most developed countries - to issue an identity document to a citizen when he/she is achieving an age of partial legal capacity and acquire the right to make certain decisions, in particular, to choose a place of residence.

«Current booklet-like passports will remain valid identity document for about four years.  Therefore, there is no urgent need to apply to the local SMS office  and stand in the queue!  All citizens in their turn will have the opportunity to come in and quietly change the document with a minimum time spent and with the best service.  Just wait for an invitation - and we will take care of your comfort» - stressed Arsen Avakov.

During the 10 months from January 1st, 2016, when the process of issuing ID cards to the 16-year-old citizens of Ukraine have started, the State Migration Service has done a serious work:

- it has prepared in a systemic way a set of amendments to the  Ukrainian legislation;

- it has organized through a «Prozorro» procurement system the purchase of necessary equipment and to the end of this year would equip all 600 SMS offices (today 330 offices are already functioning);

- it has developed an electronic document management system in order to allow citizens in the near future to apply for a passport replacement at the Centers of administrative services (TsNAP).

The issuing of the first passport at the age of 14 and 16 years is free for citizens of Ukraine.  All others have to pay an administrative fee of UAH 279. However, local authorities are empowered to fully or partially exempt certain categories of citizens from payment the cost of this service.  In addition, to receive the ID citizens do not need to provide copies of documents and photographs (thus saving time and money).

The head of MIA pointed out features and advantages of the new passports in the form of ID-cards:

- the ID-card contains a tax number (which we have used to call INN) not only in the electronic chip, but also graphically.  Citizens will not have each time when it is necessary to make a separate copy of the «treasured certificate».

- the ID chip contains information about the place of citizen registration and place of his/her residence, marital status, children, and the digital signature, thus, this signature can be changed without issuing a new document.  The information that is recorded on a chip (except fingerprints) can be read with a modern smartphone:  the necessary software is  available for free download at the web-site of the cards manufacturer.

- the new ID-cards provide a new level of protection of personal data: the contact-less chip can not be copied or changed;

- the new ID-cards will be issued on the basis of the Unified State Demographic Registry which means that citizens will have to pass the identification procedure only once, after which the data will be stored in an electronic database;

- the new ID-cards are resistant to aggressive environment:  pollution, moisture in the form of rain or coffee, and felt pens of your kids.

«That way, step by step and stage by stage, is moving ahead a big, complex, difficult, fundamental, and revolutionary reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, of all its units and branches.  We work for you, and we are conducting this reform in order for you to feel convenient and comfortable.  Not the reform as such is important, but its result!  And we are achieving the result - step by step – together», - stressed the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine


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