Ukraine plans to resume Canadian police mission

24.04.2023 20:30

On April 24, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kateryna Pavlichenko discussed with representatives of the Canadian Police the possibility of restoring the Canadian Police Mission in Ukraine (CPMU).

CPMU is a project that supports police reform by providing consultation, training and equipment to enhance professional development and standards and create more effective community-focused police services.

“We understand that an important component of supporting Ukrainian police officers today is, in particular, training. For now, we would highlight three key areas that should be taken into account when preparing the relevant training plans. In particular, it is tactical training, police work in de-occupied territories and support of mental health,” said Kateryna Pavlichenko.

Representatives of the Canadian police noted that they hope to start training for Ukrainian law enforcement officers as soon as possible. It is planned to involve about 45 instructors to the trainings, who will be able to share their knowledge and experience with Ukrainian colleagues.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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