In Poland, four cities have centers where Ukrainians can exchange driver's licenses

25.01.2023 14:22

Since July 2022, the European Union has expanded the possibility of using a Ukrainian driver's license for all those who have temporary or appropriate protection status in EU countries.

For the period of validity of the status, it is allowed to use a Ukrainian driver's license without the need to exchange it; to use an old-style Ukrainian driver's license, which is issued only in Cyrillic, without the need to have an additional certified translation; to obtain a temporary EU driver's license in case of loss or theft of the Ukrainian license.

The exchange takes place according to the following algorithm: a person contacts the administrator of the center of SE “Document” and they draw up an application, then it is considered by the administrator of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine. In case of successful approval, a new driver's license is printed and issued in Poland. The centers operate in four cities.

An existing driver's license must be left to the administrator of the center of the State Enterprise “Document”. Recovery of driver's license in case of loss, loss or theft — is not provided abroad, only exchange. Documents can be restored only on the territory of Ukraine.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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