Exchange and renewal of driver's license from now on - in Italy

27.11.2023 13:00

Italy has become the seventh country where our fellow citizens have the opportunity to receive one of the most popular services of service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs abroad. From now on, Ukrainians who are in Milan can exchange and restore a driver's license due to loss or theft in the “Passport Service”.

This service is available thanks to the cooperation of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with SE “Dokument”, which is part of the management of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

How to get the service

The exchange and renewal of a driver's license is carried out in Milan in the division of the State Enterprise “Document”.

Address: City of Rozzano (Province of Milan), Fiordaliso Milan Shopping Center (Centro Commerciale Fiordaliso Milan — Via Curiel, 25 20089 Rozzano (Mi) Italia).

Reception of citizens takes place in mobile software and technical complexes - specially equipped minibuses of white color with the symbol “Passport Service”. Services are provided from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 in the order of live and electronic queue.

To exchange and renew a driver's license, you need to take the following list of documents with you:

  • a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with the place of residence indicated in it, and if the passport is in the format of an ID-card without the available information on registration of the place of residence, then an extract on the registration of the person's place of residence, or a foreign passport, is provided together;
  • identification number;
  • a document confirming the change of personal data (for example, marriage registration certificate, etc.) in case of change of personal data;
  • medical certificate (for the period of martial law is not required).

After submitting the documents, the person is photographed and an application for the renewal of the driver's license is created. Then it is sent to Ukraine to the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In case of approval, the customer receives a ready-made driver's license.

As a reminder, exchange and renewal of a driver's license for Ukrainians is available in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Turkey. Currently, in Slovakia, our fellow citizens can only exchange these documents. The addresses of all centers of DP “Dokument” abroad can be found on their official website.

Main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine


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