The National Police resumed the work of the police station in Borodyanka

10.05.2022 17:15

This was announced by the Head of the National Police Igor Klimenko today, May 10, during a briefing with the participation of media representatives.

The head of the department noted that the Kiev region is today one of those most affected by the barbaric actions of the enemy, here citizens died as a result of aircraft and artillery strikes of the enemy. Therefore, the participants honored with a minute of silence the memory of those who died at the hands of the Russian invaders.

Igor Klymenko said that today an updated police station opens in Borodyanka. During the occupation, the headquarters of the military of the Russian Federation was located in the premises where the police will work from today.

“The staff of the Borodyansky police department serves 40 settlements, and this is almost 50 thousand citizens. Our first task with you is to ensure the safety of people, to ensure their peace. And we are not talking about opening a police department, it is about the state authorities working in full. Today, law enforcement agencies, primarily the police, are starting to work fully,” Igor Klymenko said.

The head of the department stressed that all employees of the Borodyan police department remained with citizens in basements and bomb shelters throughout the occupation.

“Opening a police station will allow citizens to know that the police are functioning around the clock, they will know where to come, where to apply. In the near future, on the site of the destroyed unit, we will rebuild a new full-fledged unit,” the Head of the National Police said.

He added that during the Russian invasion, the police lost 210 police units in the temporarily occupied territories. Only in the Kiev region, 10 out of 50 administrative buildings have been lost. Also, 1,200 units were destroyed, and this is 1,200 patrols. Kyiv region lost 50 service cars, including Borodyanka.

“In spite of everything, we have to organize the work of the department both in the Kiev region and in Borodyanka. The main thing is that citizens trust us, and we justified this trust during the hostilities,” the Head of the Department stressed.

Igor Klymenko inspected the premises of the renovated police station, thanked the police officers for their impeccable service and presented departmental awards.

Department of Communications of the National Police of Ukraine

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