“We support and will support you until the Victory itself,” — the Heads of the Interior of the Baltic States during a meeting with Igor Klymenko

14.04.2024 15:00

In Lviv, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klymenko met with the Heads of Internal Affairs of the Baltic States - Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

One of the most important topics of the talks was the issue of security against the background of an increase in the number of enemy attacks on the civilian and critical infrastructure of Ukraine. In addition, the parties discussed the issue of minesweeping of Ukraine, border security, creation of a safe educational environment, migration issues and arms control.

“We are pleased to welcome you to Ukraine after a fruitful and substantive meeting in Vilnius. You are true friends of Ukraine, because you have supported us all these years, and are ready to continue to help. Thank you for your moral, financial and technical support. To date, Ukraine is resilient, including thanks to your help,” said Igor Klymenko.

Thus, during the meeting, the partners with the help of VR glasses were able to see the consequences of the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, in particular, the cities destroyed by the enemy Bakhmut, Izyum and Buchu.

“First of all, we are here to give you a clear signal — we will be close to your victory. This is not an opportunity to see with your own eyes everything that is happening in your country, in particular the crimes of the Russian army in your once peaceful towns and villages. Know that we support you and stand by your side, because you fight for our common values,” said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania Agne Bilotaite.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania noted that at the moment her country is ready to provide 400 thousand euros for the purchase of metal detectors for educational institutions, as well as help with the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers.

Also during the meeting, Igor Klymenko told partners about the infrastructure facilities destroyed by the Russian army, among them — the buildings of the National Police of Ukraine. In particular, he invited the Heads of Internal Affairs of the Baltic States to join pilot projects for the restoration of Ukrainian police stations in the village. Makariv and the city of Kryvyi Rih.

“We will make every effort to provide you with all necessary assistance until the final defeat of Russia. Estonia is also involved in cooperation with Ukraine in the field of demining, training and will help in the reconstruction of police stations,” said Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Estonia Laura Lianeemets.

He stressed that such meetings help to better understand the current needs of Ukraine and, together with partners, to reach agreements and joint decisions on the necessary assistance.

“Latvia is involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular the Chernihiv region. We are aware that your citizens must return to the rebuilt country and to suitable housing conditions, so we will provide you with the necessary support and assistance,” said Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia Rihards Kozlovkis.

Richards Kozlovkis also noted the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the control of arms circulation. According to him, for two years of full-scale war in Ukraine, not a single weapon has entered the territory of the EU.

In addition, during the working visit, Igor Klymenko showed partners the work of Service 112, which operates in Lviv and serves the entire Western macroregion.

“We can say with confidence: the 112 line is about comfort and accessibility. One call makes it possible to contact several services at once, this greatly speeds up the process of providing assistance, especially in times of war. What you see is the result of our cooperation as well. After all, it was Estonia and Lithuania that provided us with advice on the development of the 112 system,” the Minister of Internal Affairs noted.

Also, the international delegation visited one of the bomb shelters in the city of Lviv, which can accommodate up to 300 people. Modern communications have been carried out in it and various areas have been equipped, in particular for children and recreation.

“We are working to ensure that all storage facilities are equipped with everything necessary so that people can fully autonomously wait for the alarm here,” said Igor Klymenko.

Recall that in Lviv there was a graduation of cadets of specialized universities of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine with the participation of the Ministers of Internal Affairs of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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