Igor Klymenko: The disaster in which the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs died should show that the war continues

18.01.2023 20:36

There would have been no war, there would have been no tragedy. The acting Minister of Internal Affairs - the head of the National Police Igor Klymenko, said about this on the air of the UA tele-marathon.

“There is a war and all leaders of all levels are at risk. We need to know what is happening at the front, in the frontline areas. We need to know how our subordinates serve and what the needs of our citizens are, how to protect them. Therefore, Minister Monastyrsky and First Deputy Yenin were very often at the front and were not afraid. Unfortunately, this tragedy should show us that the war continues, there would be no war, there would be no catastrophe,” said Igor Klymenko.

He also added that the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is morally devastated, but at the same time, all units continue to work:

“We will recover morally for a long time, at the same time — we must come together to ensure the safety of citizens and the country. I once again express my condolences to the relatives and loved ones of our leaders, comrades. All units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will show their work, provide security to the state. We will fulfill all the tasks and plans of Denis Monastyrsky, we will ensure stability in the country,” said Igor Klymenko.

He also noted that investigative teams of law enforcement continue to work and in the near future the causes of the disaster will be clear.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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