Igor Klymenko: “White Angel” took about 3 thousand people from dangerous territories, more than 400 of them are children

26.05.2023 20:00

This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klymenko in an interview with “RBK-Ukraine”.

The head of the department said that sometimes it is difficult for the evacuation crew of the “White Angel” to convince parents that the child must be taken out of dangerous areas. Even despite shelling and constant attacks by the Russian army, some people do not want to leave their homes.

“We recently removed one child from the basement, where the mother hid with this child in her arms and did not want to go out. It was in the Donetsk region. This happens in Toretsk and in Chasovo Yar. We have already taken everyone out of there, but, unfortunately, some of our people do not understand the whole danger,” the Minister of Internal Affairs said.

So far, the White Angel has taken about 3,000 people out of dangerous areas, of which more than 400 are children.

“We are evacuating people from villages in the Kherson region, which is constantly under fire. We are trying to follow the theater of hostilities together with the local authorities in order to arrive in time and free people from this trap,” Ihor Klymenko stressed.

During such evacuation operations, the White Angels are often injured, but even under bullets they save people, taking them to safe territory.

“The other day, members of the crew of the White Angel, which was supposed to take children from the outskirts of Bakhmut, whose parents were sheltering, were injured. They bandaged their wounds and a few hours later left again to still pick up these children. What drives these parents is difficult to say, but the state must fulfill its function and protect children, which is what we do,” the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said.

Read the full interview of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klymenko to the news agency “RBK-Ukraine” here.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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