Ensuring law and order during mass events on May 9:38 reports of offenses received to the police

09.05.2021 14:29

In total, more than 600 mass events have already been completed in the state. More than 40 thousand citizens took part in them. Personnel of all departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue to serve law and order.

This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergey Yarovyi.

“As of now, 38 reports of offenses related to mass events on the occasion of May 9 have been received. No serious violations of public order have been recorded. Law enforcement officers coped with the task by ensuring the safety of citizens and preventing the development of conflict situations. This was achieved, in particular, thanks to the dialogue police, which worked directly with the participants of the events. Currently, all units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue to serve, operational headquarters are working. Particular attention is paid to the places of recreation of citizens - parks and forest belts. Until the end of all measures, the personnel will work in a strengthened mode,” Serhiy Yarovyi said.

The head of the National Police Igor Klymenko noted that the police received the most reports related to the use of communist symbols.

“Five reports of criminal offenses related to the manufacture and use of prohibited symbols have been filed in the EHRD. Currently, the National Police has also drawn up nine administrative protocols. Extensive preventive work was carried out, serious violations of public order were prevented. Law enforcement officers continue to work in a strengthened mode,” Igor Klymenko said.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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