Robbery attack on diesel locomotive drivers — police in Odessa exposed criminal group

08.06.2021 15:30

Six residents of Odessa are involved in the crime — all of them are representatives of one of the public organizations. In July last year, they carried out a robbery attack on diesel drivers and, threatened with bats, rubber batons and a knife, seized diesel fuel.

Yesterday, June 7, operatives of the Directorate of Strategic Investigations in the Odessa region with law enforcement colleagues conducted searches of the places of residence and in the cars of the defendants. As a result, mobile phones were seized, a knife, an object that looks like a gun.

On the basis of the materials collected during the pre-trial investigation, the investigators of the Odessa Police Department No. 2 under the procedural leadership of the Suvorov District Prosecutor's Office of the city. Odessa informed one of the attackers about the suspicion. He is charged with committing a criminal offense provided for in Part 2 of Art. 187 (robbery attack committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The question of choosing a preventive measure for the suspect is resolved. Further procedural steps are being taken to report suspicions and hold other members of the group accountable.

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