Law enforcers will receive an increase in salaries from February 2022 - Denis Monastyrsky

11.01.2022 08:32

This was announced today, January 11, by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky.

“Proper financial support of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been and is my priority from the first days of work as minister.

The main approach is to increase salaries and payments systematically and systematically, based on the achievement of concrete work results.

The team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was looking for a solution to this difficult problem. And from the New Year there are the first results.

Considering that in the budgets for the last two years there were no funds for increasing monetary security, and surcharges were made pointwise, at the expense of the so-called Covid Fund, for 2022 the Law on the State Budget provides for an additional 2.8 billion UAH. Only UAH 1 billion has been allocated for the salaries of the National Police.

Further. The President instructed the Government to increase the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of all categories by 10% from February 1. I emphasize, not only police, but also rescuers, border guards, national guards, migration service workers.

I would like to emphasize that we managed to get the funds for such an increase in wages thanks to the special operation “Excise”. It was launched on my behalf against the illegal sale of excisable goods from November 1 last year. This, according to the State Fiscal Service, only in the last two months of 2021 ensured the receipt of an additional 2.3 billion UAH.

So the salary increase is based on the specific performance of our team. My personal position is that all funds that additionally enter the budget for excise payments should be directed to increase the wages of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who, taking care of the safety of Ukrainians, risk their own lives and health every day.

I also want to note that from February the right of police and rescuers to preferential financial leasing for housing will be restored. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will have a decent reward for their effective work. It will be further,” Denis Monastyrsky said.

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