In Poltava region, the police informed the person about the suspicion of causing bodily harm to a journalist

03.05.2021 11:50

The investigator of the department No. 1 of the Kremenchug district police department, under the procedural guidance of the Kremenchug District Prosecutor's Office, was informed of the suspicion of a 38-year-old local resident who caused bodily harm to a journalist during his legal professional activity.

On March 5, a 41-year-old journalist turned to the police of Poltava region for help. He reported that during his professional activity in the city of Kremenchuk an unknown man inflicted bodily injuries on him.

In the process of investigating the incident, the police investigator, under the procedural guidance of the prosecutor's office, established that on that day the victim recorded the illegal occupation of the fishing industry on the Dnieper River. While carrying out journalistic activities, one of the men allegedly involved in poaching caused bodily harm to the victim.

Araik Kochkadamyan, Head of Unit No. 1 of Kremenchuk District Police Department, said: “During the investigation of criminal proceedings under the legal qualification of part 2 of Article 345-1 (Threat or violence against a journalist) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the police investigators identified the person involved in the crime and all the circumstances of the event. The witnesses were interviewed and all the necessary material evidence was removed. The materials of the pre-trial investigation will soon be directed to the court, which must determine the degree of guilt of the defendant and choose the type of punishment.”

If proven guilty by the court, the suspect is threatened with restriction or imprisonment for up to five years.

Poltava Oblast Police Communications Department (According to Kremenchug District
Police Department


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