The Ministry of Internal Affairs and UNFPA increase cooperation on combating domestic violence: ahead with the creation of a mobile application and the introduction of electronic means of controlling offenders

21.04.2021 10:24

On April 20, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Kateryna Pavlichenko and UNFPA representatives discussed the potential opportunities for developing cooperation within the framework of the project “Strengthening national and regional mechanisms for building an adaptive, accountable and cost-effective system of countering and preventing gender-based violence”.

“We highly value the cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police and UNFPA, which is based on a systematic approach to preventing and combating domestic violence in Ukraine,” said Kateryna Pavlichenko.

The Deputy Minister noted the most successful results of cooperation, in particular, a large-scale information campaign, systematic training of police officers, material and technical assistance to strengthen the capabilities of mobile groups to combat domestic violence.

“The National Police is actively increasing its potential. This is the optimization of the staff structure of units of the National Police - the creation of specialized sectors and additional mobile groups, the provision of appropriate powers to the patrol police in terms of issuing TSPs. Currently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with UNFPA, is working on the development and implementation of digital components in the system of preventing and combating domestic violence, this is both a universal online resource for coaches, and a separate mobile application. In the context of the challenges that we face today, such initiatives are necessary,” said Kateryna Pavlichenko.

The Deputy Minister also expressed hope for the joint implementation of large-scale information campaigns to raise awareness of the population, similar to the already implemented exhibition “Thing in Time” within the framework of the all-Ukrainian action “16 Days Against Violence”.

Kateryna Pavlichenko noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police have begun work on exploring the possibilities of introducing electronic controls (which would track the offender's implementation of restrictive measures) and the creation of an open register of offenders.

In turn, UNFPA Representative in Ukraine Jaime Nadal thanked for the fruitful cooperation and noted the high results of work on combating domestic violence:

“We are proud of joint developments and especially the creation of specialized mobile groups in settlements with a small number of residents. We also believe that the number of complaints about domestic violence, which has increased significantly, indicates an increase in trust in your work,” said Jaime Nadal.

According to him, the directions of future cooperation, which will be fully coordinated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will include the development of standard operating procedures for police officers, capacity building of mobile groups and teachers of training centers, the creation of a mobile application for those affected or suffering from violence.

“UNFPA welcomes the Department of the Interior's initiatives to explore best practices for dealing with offenders. We are interested in continuing our cooperation and discussing all priority issues,” said Jaime Nadal.

In turn, Kateryna Pavlichenko proposed to concentrate activities on combating and preventing domestic violence in rural areas and working with children, as well as on the development of internal improved policies and procedures.

Jaime Nadal thanked Ekaterina Pavlichenko from UNFPA for her significant personal contribution to the development of a system to prevent and combat domestic violence.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Photo by Andriy Novitsky

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