The Ministry of Internal Affairs strengthens the border with Belarus, law enforcement officers will act harshly, but within the limits of the law — Denis Monastyrsky

10.11.2021 17:58

Today, November 10, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine considered the situation regarding possible threats to national security caused by the crisis with migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky said that the most vulnerable sections of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border will be reinforced by additional units of the State Border Guard Service, the National Police and the National Guard.

“In the most vulnerable parts of the borders, the number of border guards will be doubled, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will strengthen the border with the National Guard and the National Police. In the near future, we will involve territorial defense units to check them and conduct training on the interaction of various forces in order to be ready for any development of events. We do not exclude that in Ukraine they will try to develop such a scenario as on the border of Belarus and Poland. The reaction of Ukrainian law enforcement officers will be clear, tough, correct within the framework of the law regulating the protection of the state border”, - commented Denis Monastyrsky.

He added that border guards, national guards and police officers will serve not only at the border itself, but also in border areas where mobile teams will operate to detect illegal border crossings if such happens.

Currently, the situation on the border with the Republic of Belarus is under control. At this time, the DPSU does not record the appearance of groups of illegal migrants and their attempts to illegally cross the border from the territory of neighboring Belarus.

Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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