8.5 thousand servicemen from SBGS, NGU and police will additionally protect the border with Belarus

11.11.2021 13:43

During a working visit to the Volyn region, the Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrskiy checked the state of protection of the state border with the Republic of Belarus and the location of additional forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the State Border Guard Service, National Guard and National Police are located. They were transferred and deployed there in accordance with the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to strengthen border protection in the areas of potential movement of illegal migrants from neighboring Belarus.

"We are strengthening the border units with the National Police and the National Guard. In addition, about 8.5 thousand servicemen and policemen will be involved. This powerful group will consist of 3,000 SBGS servicemen; 3.5 thousand from NGU and 2 thousand from National Police. The aviation units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will also be on duty, particularly 15 helicopters, which will ensure mobility and, if necessary, transfer our forces to the border, " - Denys Monastyrskiy said.

As he noted, such actions will deter illegal migrants, but there is only one way out for a comprehensive solution to the problem - the construction of a reliable modern intellectual border.

"The Ukrainian border is undeveloped, so Ukraine must build an "intellectual border" with Russia and Belarus as soon as possible. UAH 17 billion will be needed to finance this project. These funds will be allocated from the budget, " - Denys Monastyrskiy said.

The Head of the State Border Guard Service Serhiy Deyneko said that today there is no threat to Ukraine from the border with Belarus.

"The situation is stable and under control, there are no threats to Ukraine at the moment. However, our service, together with the National Police and the National Guard, is working out all possible scenarios in order to protect the Ukrainian border from a possible attempted breakthrough, artificially organized by crowds of migrants, " - Serhiy Deyneko said.

MIA Communications Department

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