The next step in the MIA reform: a new MIA service center was inaugurated in Kiev (PHOTO, VIDEO)

12.07.2016 06:34

On July 12 the first service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was opened in Kiev to the following address:  ul.  Pavel Usenko, 8.  It will serve at least 300 customers a day.

"This is the first center of a new type, which works under the new rules, with new staff, and implements all innovations" - said the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

The main advantages of this center are: modern technology, the availability of electronic queue, transparent cabinets system and specially trained customer-oriented staff.  The service center will provide both free and paid services within the purview of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"Today we have taken one more step in reforming the MIA.  Our goal is to provide modern high quality service without corruption:  open offices, the maximum use of on-line services without the participation of officials, as well as the monitoring of staff performance and feedback from customers"- said Arsen Avakov.

According to him, a great deal of attention was paid to the motivation and training of the center staff.  "We have selected the best candidates.  The competition in Kiev was 43 candidates for each vacancy.  Then we have trained both novices and experienced employees" - the head of the MIA said.

Arsen Avakov marked that 74% of the employees of the new service center had completed tertiary level education and that 13% had graduated from more than one university. 30 people work in the front and back offices of the first service center (SC) of this new type.

"I hope that soon, everyone will feel how the situation is changing for the better.  Forget about the old MREOs.  The main priority for the new service centers is the comfort and convenience of the customer"- stressed the head of MIA.

The service center of the new type is equipped with all types of communication means, allowing the provision of the maximum range of services, on the spot.  Today the service center provides the following services:

  • the state registration (including re-registration) and deregistration of vehicles;
  • the issuance of certificates of registration, temporary registration coupons and standard license plates for vehicles;
  • the registration in the MIA uniform state register of information about the application or removal of administrative and judicial restrictions on vehicles;
  • the review of citizen applications and the provision of information on other MIA services.
  • the issuance and replacement of driving licenses.

The service center will also accept orders for making of individual car license plates.  Later, after the appropriate changes in the legislative framework,  the service centers will also issue weapons possession licenses.

"In the service center of this new type all necessary measures are taken to provide for the maximum comfort of citizens and the rapid delivery of services.  For customer convenience cash and non-cash systems of payment for services are provided. Front and back offices are created, so the time necessary to deliver a service will be reduced by several times" - said the head of the MIA Main Service Center Vladislav Crickley.

In the near future the service center will add the following services:

  • driving tests for all categories of vehicles;
  • the issuance of certificates of no criminal record;
  • the inspection of vehicles in order to issue a certificate of ability  to transport the dangerous goods.

Arsen Avakov announced that the MIA plans to open four service centers in Kiev, and in parallel such centers will be opened in all the regional centers of Ukraine - in Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Mariupol, and then across the country.  The mobile SCs will visit on schedule the district centers, where there is no need for the permanent service centers.

"We plan to implement this reform over nine months.  We want everybody to try this new FRIENDLY service as soon as possible!  Step by step we are reforming the whole system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs!"



Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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