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«The level of trust to the new police is 44%», - Arsen Avakov

14th April 2016, 14:15

The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced this on April 14th, while speaking at the IX Kiev Security Forum.
"Piblic-opinion poll showed that the level of trust to the new police is 44%" - said Arsen Avakov.
The Head of MIA informed that the new patrol police would be launched in Zaporozh’e  on April 16, when 500 newly trained police officers will swear an oath of loyalty to Ukraine. It will be the 21-st Ukrainian city where the patrol police work.
The Minister said that the police reform phase would be completed by mid-July this year and 27 cities would be covered by the new patrol police. "The new patrol policemen constitute only 9% of the total police staff. This shows that the reform should be continued"- said Arsen Avakov. Ahead of us, stressed the Minister, is the hardest part - the reform of the criminal block, the investigation system and other police structures.


Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine