The Head of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov convened a meeting with the delegation of Atlantic Council (PHOTOS)

25.03.2016 16:58

The Minister of the Interior discussed the safety issues in Ukraine with the delegation as well as the progress of the anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine.

“The American support in the questions of safety and the political issues is crucial for Ukraine” - Arsen Avakov emphasised during the meeting with the delegation of Atlantic Council headed by John  Herbst,  the  leader of the  Eurasian Program of Atlantic Council and the ex-ambassador of the USA in Ukraine.

The meeting was also attended by the leader of the  program of Atlantic Council aimed at the cooperation with Ukraine Adrian  Karatnycky, the  foreign policy expert Paula Dobriansky and the head of the politico-military department of the US Embassy in Ukraine Duhlas Heute. 

Arsen Avakov also shared his vision as for the solutions of the political crisis and the perspective of the Government reformatting.

Concluding the meeting the Head of the Minister  of the Interior expressed his gratitude to the  US party for their sincere support  to Ukraine and   his hope for the future cooperation.

Note. Atlantic Council of the US (established in 1961-1962) - is a non-governmental organisation  that   includes the former statesmen and the political leaders of the USA and the European countries.

Its main mission is  the involvement of the North-Atlantic public into the international   problem-solving and the challenges of the XXI century as well as the production of the analytical materials for the political and  financial establishment of the USA, EU and other countries. 

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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