«The European level of driving culture and road safety is, above all, the result of self-discipline», - Arsen Avakov (PHOTO, VIDEO)

04.07.2016 11:53

This was declared by the Minister of Internal Affairs on July 4th, during the launch of the test system of  road traffic video surveillance in Odessa and Kiev.

The purpose of the project is to implement the automatic recording of speeding without the participation of a policeman, with the help of modern video cameras.  The results of this test will help to create a complete and effective system of auto-fixation of violations of traffic rules, and so that next year it can be implemented across the country.

«Today, we focus on this pilot launch because traffic safety is not only our responsibility.  It is the responsibility of every citizen who sits behind the wheel, and who must get used to a different level of self-discipline and self-control»,- said Arsen Avakov.

When the driver of the vehicle exceeds the permitted speed, the camcorder records a violation, and the information is transmitted to the data processing center of the National Police.  It is then processed by the operator - the policeman, using existing MIA databases.  After processing an electronic administrative order will be issued, which afterwards will be sent to the vehicle owner.  Drivers whose cars are registered  in Ukraine will receive such orders via the Ukrainian post.  As to vehicles with foreign registration, an administrative order will be passed through the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (for delivery to the person who has imported the vehicle into the territory of Ukraine). 

The full implementation of this system nationwide involves the installation of up to 5000 camcorders and will be possible only after investments numbering in the billions of US dollars.

"Throughout the world this is a very profitable project for financial investment.  After the adoption of the legal framework for this system we have already received dozens of applications from the private companies that were willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars", - said the Minister of Internal Affairs.

In the near future MIA will ask the International Investment Bank to select investors for the project. The process of selection, including selection of donors, technology and other components, will be completely transparent.

The efficiency of the automatic speeding recording system manifested itself during the first hours of the test.

"During six hours we have recorded such a number of traffic rules violations, that the sum of corresponding penalties would amount to UAH three million,  which could go to the state budget if the system was already in full use", - said Arsen Avakov.


Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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