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Police efforts are directed at combating amber traffickers - Vadim Troyan

30th March 2016, 17:14

It was announced by the first Deputy Chief of the National Police at the session of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement.

Today, on March 30th, during the session of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement Vadim Troyan informed the Committee about the current situation with the illegal extraction of amber in several regions of the state.The first deputy Chief of the National Police said that the law enforcers were processing the information about people who were selling illegally extracted amber.

"We have really detected a lot of people. I ask you, as legislators, to raise this issue at the state level and establish the laws, because only then can we act tougher and fight against illegal extraction of amber ", - Vadim Troyan said.

According to him, all the security forces and intelligence services, which may affect the solution of the problem, are already mobilized. During the half a year more than three hundred persons involved in cases of illegal extraction of amber were announced of suspeccion. These cases were sent to court.

"Most of them - are the local people, but there are key persons who "curate" this issue", - Vadim Troyan said, adding that efforts of the National Police are directed to exposure of these persons. He also urged the committee members to join at the legislative level the settlement of the problem regarding the amber extraction.

Let us remind that Police blocked the amber supply chain abroad. More than 150 people took part in stone's buying and selling "scheme" , some of them were foreigners. More than 200 kg of stones prepared for shipment were confiscated at warehouses.

Also recall that in the Rivne region miners have resisted the police. Ten law enforcement officers are hospitalized.


Press-service of MIA-Ukraine