New stage of large-scale reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (PHOTO, VIDEO)

07.06.2016 12:03

On June 7 in Kiev region started an open competitive recruitment for 250 job vacancies of police precinct inspectors and 50 slots for investigators.  This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov at a joint press conference with the Head of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze.

This is the beginning of the second stage of reform of the law enforcement bodies.  According to Arsen Avakov:  "At this stage we continue to build a new police. The police part of the MIA remains a priority for us, because Ukrainian society is now waiting for and demanding  a radical renewal of the law enforcement system.

We plan to improve the quality of the patrol police, create the system of the police precinct inspectors, establish units to patrol and control traffic on highways.  Plus the completion of building the network of rapid response teams in the regions and reforming one of the most difficult and basic elements of the criminal block - the investigation".

Now the National Police announces an open competitive selection for the vacant positions of police precinct inspectors and investigators in Kiev region. This competition is open for all interested persons who meet the qualification requirements.  To participate one must fill out the on-line application form on the website of the Kiev regional police (  Then each candidate will have to pass six-step selection process, including general skills test, medical commission, physical fitness test, psychological testing, interviews and security check.

"We are very demanding, and selection process is tough.  However, after completion of the structural and personnel changes, passing of competitive selection and mandatory training the police precinct inspectors - both already serving certified officers and the new ones -  will receive a new uniform and a salary of UAH 6000 per month" - informed Arsen Avakov.

He also noted that everybody should clearly understand the difference between the permanent police commissions and temporary certification commissions whose role was to carry out re-certification of existing police staff.  The police commissions have a clear legislative basis and procedure of their establishing is described in the Law of Ukraine "On the National Police". The regional councils and the city council of Kiev will elect public representatives, who have an impeccable reputation, to become members of the police commissions.

"Integrity, honesty, ability to achieve results, commitment and motivation - these are the moral qualities that we expect to see in the future police precinct inspectors, - stressed the Head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze.  - We invite young, active, motivated guys who are willing to serve and protect, for whom the rule of law it is not only words but guide to action, and who value the rights and freedoms of citizens above everything else".

Arsen Avakov stressed that recruitment of investigators, who form the basis of the police criminal block, will be one of the most difficult stages of the reform.

"We see the need for not only re-certification of existing staff of the investigative units, but also for recruiting a "fresh blood"" - said the head of MIA.  He marked that after the passage of a special training course the minimum salary of new investigators will amount to UAH 10,000. The algorithm for selection of new investigators will be the same as for police precinct inspectors.

Arsen Avakov also noted that selection requirements to age, health and level of physical fitness of candidates will be determined by specifics of work in each unit.  "The investigator could  have a level of physical fitness, character and age of Hercule Poirot, Commissioner Maigret and even Nero Wolfe, provided that he/she has intelligence and logic of Hercule Poirot, Commissioner Maigret and Nero Wolfe" - stressed Arsen Avakov.  But applicants for the position of police precinct inspector - "universal policemen" - must possess agility and endurance along with logic and intelligence.

In the near future recruitment will be announced in those regions of Ukraine, where re-certification of police staff is already completed:  in the Volyn, Khmelnytsk, Nikolaev, Rovno and Odessa regions and in the city of Kiev.  Upon completion of the competitive recruitment, training and re-training 9,100 people will serve in the system of police precinct inspectors across the country. In the investigative units of NPU after re-training of existing staff and training of new personnel will work 10 500 policemen.

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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