Nearly half a dozen law enforcement officers will arrange order during the annual pilgrimage to Uman (PHOTOS)

15.09.2017 07:22

For security, units of the National Police and the National Guard will be involved, as well as new units of tactical police (for the first time). Together with Ukrainian colleagues, at least 15 Police officers of the State of Israel will work in Uman. This was stated during the meeting of Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov with the Interior Minister of the State of Israel, Aria Deri.

The annual pilgrimage to Uman is the largest mass event of the Jews outside the State of Israel.

"According to our forecasts this month, more than 30 thousand pilgrims will come to Ukraine, not only citizens of Israel, but also America, Canada, England and other states. I know well how important it is for your state to pilgrimage to these places and to ensure order and safety here. In this issue, we are ready to take all the steps necessary to ensure security for you at the level that is right for you," - Arsen Avakov said.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that the organization of security - it is the efforts of several parties.

"We will have to carry out these tasks together. It is important for us to solve all delicate situations. Most of all concern is the provocative actions when attacking either Jewish relics, or Christian ones. It's good that when organizing a pilgrimage, we have good cooperation with Israeli police officers," - added the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

According to him, by the end of the year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to equip the key places for pilgrims with smart cards in order to avoid further provocations.

In their turn, the Interior Minister of Israel, Aria Deri, highly appreciated the readiness of the Ukrainian side to organize the order during the events.

"I would like to thank you for the excursion we have traveled today in Uman. We were able to see all the important places for us. We saw that your entire team is ready to make the most of its security efforts," - said the Interior minister of Israel.

He stressed that the Israeli side is well aware that among such a large number of people who arrive in the city will be problematic participants.

"And we believe that the Ukrainian side should act with them within the framework of your legislation. I suggest creating a working group after all the holidays, which together with the ambassador, your representative and the community will work over the next year to resolve all the issues," - he added.

Department of Communication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Photo by Andrey Novitsky

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