«Lack of staff in the patrol police is due to rigorous selection criteria», - Arsen Avakov (PHOTO, VIDEO)

22.05.2016 14:49

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine stated it on May 22 during launch of the new patrol police in urban conglomerate of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Rubizhne.

He said that the patrol police is short of staff in each city - from Kiev to Odessa from Lvov to Kharkov. The reason is high standards and tough requirements to the candidates to serve in the patrol police.

"We have established very high standards, even in cities where we had a contest of 20 cаndidates per one vacancy. And it worked, because the policemen attrition during this period was very low. And it is a very proper approach. We want to maintain the quality of police staff", - said Arsen Avakov.

He added that in a month would be announced additional recruitment to the patrol police. New contest will use the same high standards and tough requirements and will help to select strong and high-quality candidates to serve in the patrol police.

"I am often asked when this long reform of the MIA will be completed. My reply: when these young policemen will move up through the ranks and occupy top management positions. That's when the reform will be completed",- said the head of MIA.

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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