«In the Rovno region one more «Klondike» of the illegal miners of amber was found. The illegal miners were detained» - Arsen Avakov (PHOTO, VIDEO)

13.07.2016 08:00

The illegal amber extraction took place in the inaccessible swamplands of the Rovno Natural Reserve (Rokytne district of the Rovno region).  The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov announced this on July 13.

According to the minister, the amber "Klondike" was found with the help of the drones (unmanned aerial vehicle) launched by the special police forces unit "Dnepr - 1".  During the airborne reconnaissance armed amber diggers opened fire on the drones and shot down two of the three devices.

"In the early morning today a special unit of the National Police reached the remote islands in the Rokytne district of the Rovno region.  A group of illegal miners was detained, who had mounted an armed resistance to the police"- said Arsen Avakov.  During the operation a lightly armored multi-purpose all-terrain transporter (tractor truck) was also seized, in which the bandits kept the weapons and ammunition.

According to the Head of the MIA, the illegal business bosses are now trying to incite the local people to protect the "amber mafia".

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will not allow the amber mafia to have any "power" in the country.  We are determined and we encourage local people not to succumb to the bandit’s provocations" - said the Minister.  He added that, if necessary, the units of the National Guard of Ukraine and the police would be sent to locations of the illegal mining of the "sun stone".

Arsen Avakov urged his colleagues in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine  to introduce as soon as possible the bills, which will regulate the extraction of minerals, and in particular amber.

To recall: on July 12th Arsen Avakov marked the need for the legislative settlement at the state level of the laws and regulations which control the amber mining.  Earlier, the deputy prosecutor of the Rovno region was detained  and was accused in the creation of OPG (organized criminal group) for illegal extraction of amber.


Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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