Arsen Avakov: with the creation of modern service centers instead of the ill-fated MREO a new stage of MIA reform kicked off! (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

30.06.2016 10:28

On June 30, 2016 the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov presented the start of the new stage of MIA reform: the launch of the MIA service centers system.  These centers will provide both free and paid services within the purview of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.    

"You will ask: the MREOs were formally liquidated six months ago, but  MIA launches the new service centers only now - what have you been doing during the last six months?

The answer is:  we did a spring cleaning!  We have conducted a thorough analysis of how the MREO function in order to understand why this service was one of the most corrupt parts of the MIA, and why it provided such a bad service complemented with the maximum sufferings for customers.  And we have also learned - adopted the experience of countries where the public service was fast, friendly and of high quality.

Today we are ready to present the results of our work.  And in early July we plan to open the first new service center in Kiev.  Then we plan to open such centers in Lvov, Kharkov, Dnepr and finally - everywhere" - said the head of MIA.

The priority of this reform is to simplify and decentralize the provision of customer oriented administrative services with the help of high quality staff using modern technologies.  This will minimize the risk of corruption and eradicate criminal middlemen.  Arsen Avakov noted that the new service centers will work on the following new principles:

  1. Modern high-quality service without corruption must mean:
  • an open office system;
  • the maximum use of online services without the participation of officials;
  • the delegation of signing authority to inspectors (the head of office will not have a possibility to decide confidentially in his room whose certificate to sign and how much it will cost);
  • the constant monitoring of employees’ work;
  • feedback from customers.
  1. Motivated and trained staff:  the candidates to work in the new service centers were selected on a competitive basis.  There were 2574 applicants in Kiev and only 50 candidates were selected. Thus, only one candidate in 43 was successful.  Then all candidates completed an internship, both novices and experienced staff, who have already passed certification.  74% of the employees of the future service center in Kiev completed tertiary level education and 13% graduated from more than one university, the minister said.

The new service centers will offer the following services: state registration/re-registration of vehicles, the conduction of driving tests and the issuance of driving licenses, and the issuance of police clearance certificates. Once the new law is adopted, the service centers will also issue weapons possession licenses.

The head of MIA drew attention to two fundamental aspects:

"First of all, we provide online information about vehicles (vehicle history).  Today, at the administrative services portal ( every second request to the MIA uniform state register is about information on registered vehicles belonging to individuals or legal entities.

Second of all, for the first time in Ukraine we are launching mobile service centers which will on schedule drive to remote areas, where there is no permanent service centers.  Residents of remote villages will not have to travel to district or regional capital to receive a certificate: our staff will come to the people themselves and register vehicles, including agricultural machinery, on the spot".

"And yes, I do know what a terrible service is currently provided by the former MREOs and how they torment people who apply for any services!  Today we are starting to change all this. In the coming days we will launch a new, modern service facility in Kiev - and I hope that everyone will feel how the situation is changing.  First it will be in Kiev, and then step by step - by the spring of next year - we will complete this reform across the country.

This reform means that we will provide you with the necessary services quickly, efficiently, without bribes and with a smile.  And you, in turn, will trust your government and will be proud of your country!" - stressed Arsen Avakov.


Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine

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