Arsen Avakov to the Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine: “We should work together to find the solution on how to bring our soldier V. Markiv back”.

15.07.2019 14:24

The position of Ukraine at the level of the President and the Government is unchanged: the Italian court’s sentence to the guardsman Markiv is unjust, politicized and biased. The case materials clearly confirmed the noninvolvement of our soldier in the crime. Ukraine calls for solution to this crisis at the level of states’ leadership.

This has been announced today by the Head of the MIA, during a meeting with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Ukraine, Davide La Cecilia.

“You see the resonance wave in connection with the sentence to the guardsman Vitaliy Markiv. I would like us to clearly understand that this court's sentence is unfair and can affect the relations between our countries. This is the position of the Government and the President of Ukraine. The decision of the court is politicized and biased. I want to remind you that 10 000 people died in the Donbass. There are dozens of mercenaries from Italy fighting against Ukraine. The world depends on our decisions. We will initiate the negotiations at the highest political level. We would like to hear that the Government of Italy is equally interested in solving this problem. We want to see concrete steps. After all, this could become a big potential conflict. Markiv was in the war and defended Ukraine” - Arsen Avakov said.

He added that the Italian government and society should clearly understand that the Donbas and Crimea are the territory of Ukraine, so any visit by their citizens of the temporarily occupied territories by the Russian Federation not through the state border of Ukraine is a violation of our laws.

“Hundreds of Italian citizens, including journalists, are now staying illegally in the territory of Donbass. They illegally crossed the Ukrainian border from the Russian Federation side. Therefore, I want you to have a clear position and we have developed a plan of action together. I would not like Italy to be associated with the pro-Russian government in Ukraine, considered the supporter of separatists and mercenaries. Now the society has just such an opinion. You have seen in front of your embassy and in the Ukrainian Media the reaction of Ukrainians to this situation. The truth is that Markiv really had nothing to do with the death of Italian photographer,” the Head of MIA noted.

Arsen Avakov reminded that former Ambassador Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that in 2014 he warned all Italian citizens about the danger of visiting the conflict zone in Sloviansk.

“Rockelli was killed, having gone to Donbass illegally. We expect the Government of Italy to take demonstrative steps that will show its interest in resolving this crisis. I would like to receive official information from the embassy on my name in order to understand how Italy deals with those who are illegally fighting on the separatists’ side in the Ukrainian Donbass”, - the Minister of the Internal Affairs highlighted.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Italy to Ukraine, Davide La Cecilia, said that before the official publication of the court decision, he could not comment on this case, since the judiciary in Italy is independent.

“The court decision will be published in 60 days. We will be able to study it in more detail, including the motivational part. For Italy, this is an important topic for all institutions and the media, because everyone wants to know the truth, and first of all, the parents of Andrea Rochelli are looking for it. I understand the severity of the situation and transmitted all the information to my country. As for our citizens who are illegally fighting in the Donbas on the side of the separatists, the Genoa court has made first decisions on imprisonment for different terms. Italy supports the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, supports and continues sanctions against the Russian Federation. We understand your concern and the extent to which this situation can affect our relationship. We will try to find a common solution and show the Ukrainian and Italian society the openness of this process”, the Ambassador noted.


Communications Department of the Ministry Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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