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Arsen Avakov: We will not allow any provocations during the sacred procession (VIDEO)

13th July 2016, 12:53

The Minister stressed that law enforcement agencies have enough force, resources and determination to prevent provocations during the All-Ukrainian sacred procession. 
He stated this during a briefing on July 13.

"If the Orthodox Church of Ukraine of the Moscow Patriarchate (OCU-MP) decided to hold such a sacred procession - it is entitled to do so. If among the participants there are some cranks, embracing a portrait of Tsar Nicholas the 2nd – they will be entitled to their own opinion.

But we will not tolerate absurd actions that some politicoes who play political games on religious subjects seek to impose upon us. I do not know about any "titushki" (half-criminal gangs) who will venture to use this sacred procession to destabilize the situation in Kiev.  We have enough force and determination to stop any provocation.  Ukrainian society has nothing to worry about"- said the head of MIA.

He added that a large crowd of people can be used by destructive elements to carry out a terrorist attack or perpetrate other unlawful acts.  However, according to Arsen Avakov, law enforcement forces are intended to prevent such provocations and ensure the rule of law.

"We made our principles and wishes clear to the organizers of the procession (church leaders) and politicians.  We explained in simple language how to prevent a recurrence of the situation that took place in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014.  I have also appealed to the radical-minded Ukrainian organizations to cool down their passions"- said Arsen Avakov.

It is expected that the procession will run from Vladimir's Hill to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.  Along the whole route the necessary protective measures will be provided.



The All-Ukrainian sacred procession was announced on June 29th by Metropolite Onuphrius, the Primate of the OCU-MP.  He noted that the aim of this event was to be a call for peace.  On July 9th the procession in western Ukraine began from the Holy-Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, and in the eastern Ukraine it began on July 3rd from the Holy-Dormition Holy-Mountain Lavra.  On July 27th both processions should meet and merge in Kiev.

On July 11th the head of the Information Department of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine of the Kiev Patriarchate (OCU-KP), Archbishop Yevstratii (Zorya) called the sacred procession initiated by the Moscow Patriarchate a "march of the Russian world against Kiev" and an "antimaidan".



Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine