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Arsen Avakov: We are creating the new service centers in place of the old MREOs

22nd July 2016, 07:23

On July 22 the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced the timetable of the recruitment of candidates for work in the MIA service centers in the all regions of Ukraine.

«An important part of the reform of the MIA service centers is a new staff!  Therefore, in each Ukrainian region, in turn, will be held a competitive selection of personnel for the new centers and then a course of training during which the best coaches will teach the candidates necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.

After this course the candidates will pass the examination for the positions of administrator in the MIA service center in the corresponding region», – explained the head of MIA.

On the MIA web-site is published a time-table of launching the personnel recruitment and approximate dates of the opening of new service centers in all regions of Ukraine. On July 14th the selection of personnel for the new service centers has started in the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk regions. As of July 22nd 800 people have applied to work in the service center in the Kiev region and 1200 people – in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

A candidate for the work in the new service center must meet the following requirements:

- a citizen of Ukraine;

- aged 18 years and older;

- has a tertiary level education (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);

- has a clean criminal record;

- experience of work in the service sector is a plus.

«We'll give you a preference to participate in the training if you are driven by a wish to become a part of our reform and are ready to provide the quality services to the citizens of Ukraine! – addressed Arsen Avakov the candidates for work in the new service centers. – Join our team on the ground – become a part of the reform! We are marching ahead – step by step!»


Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine