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Arsen Avakov: To ensure safety of mass events is impossible without contact with their organizers

14th April 2016, 15:02

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine declared it during the IX Kiev  Forum on Security, commenting on the manifestations of aggression and mass disturbances during actions of the LGBT community.

Reporters asked about the level of public security, in particular, during public actions, rallies and meetings of members of the LGBT community.

The minister answered that currently unrest and aggression during the mass events are not so much a manifestation of civil disobedience, as a result of planned external pressure and hybrid war.

"I am concerned about the security of any mass actions, especially after events on August 31, 2015, when the ball grenades have been tossed and many people have died and have been wounded.  I consider this accident as an element of a hybrid war against us " - stated the head of MIA.

However, stressed the Minister, to ensure complete public security is not possible without contacts with the organizers of mass events.  He urged them to cooperate with law enforcement officers, who can always  provide organizational support in advance and consult activists on  how to ensure maximal safety of their events.

"Every person has the right to protest and express his/her opinions. And yet he/she must be safe. If the organizers of mass events will cooperate and consult with us regarding the security issues, we shall certainly be able to better ensure safety of these events"- said Arsen Avakov.


Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine