Arsen Avakov: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine got the best in the country «flyinghospital» (PHOTO, VIDEO)

29.04.2016 12:07

The Minister of Internal Affairs announced that on April 29, 2016 the State Emergency Service (SES) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine received the AN-26 aircraft fitted out as the best in the country "flying hospital".

"Today we got from the manufacturer a military transport aircraft An-26 after major overhaul and refitment.  In fact, SES received the flying hospital with the most modern intensive care units manufactured in Austria.

This aircraft can transport two seriously wounded persons at a distance of up to two thousand kilometers without landing while providing the functioning of vital body systems.
In addition, the aircraft is equipped with six more beds for wounded people that do not require intensive care, 14 chairs for mildly wounded persons and six seats for medical personnel " - reported the head of the MIA.


The plane is also equipped with the latest satellite flight control and navigation system and the TCAS-94 collision avoidance system which allow it to fly the  international air lines in accordance with the norms of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  

"This is the first aircraft of this class in Ukraine which, if necessary, can evacuate the wounded people directly from the disaster zone to foreign hospitals, supporting their life during the flight by the most advanced means"- stressed the minister.
"We would like to have two-three more of such aircrafts to cover all our needs, but it's not possible immediately. Well, then step by step! My congratulations to the SES team, headed by Nikolai Chechyotkin, who successfully completed this project!  We are getting stronger!" - said Arsen Avakov.




Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine


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