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Arsen Avakov: In Rovno the new patrol police is launched! Our reform proceeds on schedule!

19th April 2016, 09:07

On April 19, 2016, the new patrol police started to work  in Rovno.  From now on, 20 patrol crews will patrol the city around the clock and protect its inhabitants.  

The solemn oath rite was attended by the Head of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, officials of the Rovno regional Main Department of the National Police, representatives of regional and local authorities.


"193 new Rovno patrolmen swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people. Starting in the same evening, 20 patrol crews will from now on around the clock guard the peaceful life of the Rovno residents. 
Each of your new policemen, Rovno, won tremendous competition - 26 candidates for one police job! During the intensive and very hard training course another 100 candidates dropped out. And today only the most persistent and motivated took the oath!" - reported the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

The average age of the new Rovno patrolmen  - 25 years (!). In the city police detachment serve 26 women; 81% of new patrolmen have college level education; 22 city policemen participated in the ATO.
Among them Andrei Lisnichuk, cyborg, who was awarded the Order "For courage», III degree.  Alexander Matyukh, Yuri Ivanov and Taras Tsjepa fought under Saur Mogila, escaped from captivity and after returning to home decided to serve in the police.  Nikolai Kharchuk was awarded the Order of Daniel Galitsky due to his feat of arms.


A regular policeman Sergey Merchuk, who participated in the Revolution of Dignity, is appointed the Chief of the Rovno Patrol Police Department.  Sergey is only 25 years old, but he had already managed to join the Maidan at 22 (he was a member of the 35th sotnia "Volyn Sich"), then became a fighter of the special forces regiment "Azov" (call sign Deerslayer), participated in the liberation of Mariupol, Pavlopol, Shirokino and Starobeshevo.  Before Maidan Sergei during five years was a volunteer in the camps for orphans, organized a military-patriotic camps for youth. Then he served in the patrol police, first as a deputy battalion commander in Lutsk, then as a company commander in Kiev. 


"With such a commander, guys, you just do not have the right to let down the proud name of Ukrainian policeman!  I'm sure - your team will become one of the best in the country!  Good luck and I wish you to serve and protect!" - addressed the head of MIA the new patrolmen. Rovno is the 22nd Ukrainian city in which the new patrol police started to work.


"We are moving forward step by step, passing by slander and distrust, attempts to break our belief in success and willingness to build for the sake of future.  We are building a new system based on new principles. Step by step!  Keep up!" - said Arsen Avakov.



Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine