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Arsen Avakov: Assault on a police officer on duty - it is a serious crime (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

2nd March 2016, 16:50

Consideration of the case of Sergei Oleynik and Rostislav Hrapachevsky "testifies to an imbalance" and  such court decisions can not be considered fair justice.  The Minister of Internal Affairs stated this on March 2, after the session of the Kiev Court of Appeal.

Arsen Avakov commented on the change of measure of restraint concerning a patrol policemen Sergei Oleynik, who in the night of February 7 together with the other patrolmen has been forced to use weapons to stop the car, which provoked the chase through the streets of Kiev.

At the same time, the Minister of Internal Affairs has called unfair the fact that the person who "runs over the police officer, knocked him to the ground, attacked the policeman" - is now by the court decision at liberty on a "personal recognizance".  But a policeman, who was doing his duty to apprehend the offender, stayed several days in detention and is now under house arrest.

"This testifies to an imbalance.  It is why both I, as the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Head of the National Police (she will express her opinion later) - we can not consider such court verdicts an example of fair justice - said Arsen Avakov. - It is important for society to respect the police and recognize the fact that the attack on the policeman on duty is a serious crime".

The head of MIA added that in the near future he will meet the Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko and the leadership of the State Penitentiary Service.  During this meeting will be discussed the incident in the pretrial detention center when Sergey Oleynik had sustained injuries.

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine