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Arsen Avakov: Andrey Klyuev, Sergey Klyuev and Edward Stavitsky are all wanted by Interpol

4th April 2016, 20:58

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on April 4, 2016, reported that the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF) considered the materials regarding Andrey and Sergey Kluyev and Edward Stavitsky and concluded that the international search for these persons with the use of INTERPOL's communication channels and other instruments meets Charter and rules of the organization.

On the basis of ССF recommendations the General Secretariat of INTERPOL has unlocked access to search files of Andrey Klyuev as of March 30, 2016, of Sergey Klyuev as of  March 31, 2016 and of  Edward Stavitsky as of April 1, 2016.

"Let me translate it from the formal language: after a lengthy verification procedures in the INTERPOL FCC in Lyon our position was accepted and at the suit from Ukraine all three above mentioned persons are now on the international wanted list all over the world" - said the head of the MIA.

Department of communication of MIA-Ukraine